Free Parking

Take Pike Street until it dead ends into 3rd Street; Turn left onto 3rd Street; Immediately to your right is a paved parking lot (underneath the Fort Washington Way overpass); Enter the parking lot, the entrance is about 1/8 of a mile on your right after you turn onto 3rd Street (there is no guard, just a sign that states that you need to have a monthly parking permit displayed, please ignore that sign); Turn right into the parking lot; Travel up the hill to the top of the parking lot; There are designated parking spaces for AMERICAN BOOK BUILDING CUSTOMERS ONLY

Walk across the street to the AMERICAN BOOK BUILDING and ring the doorbell on the right side of the door and someone will let you in.  Sign in at the front desk. Take the elevator to the Fifth Floor.

Handicapped Parking

The handicapped parking is located on the north side of the American Book Building on Pike Street.  The handicap parking sign is attached to the side of the building next to the loading dock and to the left of the front entrance to the building.